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Ford 3.8L Problems?
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In my life, I have experienced 2 headgasket failures. The headgasket page below gives you a comparison of what was done in each case.

The other page linked below gives you a comparison of unscheduled visits to a service facility for the two cars in our family. The '94 Sable vs the '94 Tercel. The Tercel was bought brand new and the Sable was bought at just under 2 years of age.

I know that all mechanical things do eventually break down. You should have a reasonable expectation of reliability along with good support if something should fail prematurely. Although ford has been nearsighted in their first recall on this engine. Only time will tell if this new effort will be improved and provide better customer satisfaction.

Mar. 21,2001.

This site has been updated to include recent events and  a new section with resources and books to assist you in making a wise vehicle purchase along with web site building suggestions.

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