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Ford 3.8L Problems?
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3.8L Lemon-Aid
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Resources & Links
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I hope you find the links (click) here useful to you. If you have a good Ford link not listed here, please email me. I make no claims to the level of truth in these links. That is for you to decide yourself.

Thanks for visiting.

Resources Section

In this section you will find links to books at Chapters bookstores (below) along with links to help you build your own web site. The prices for these books are in Canadian funds. The CDN$ is much lower than the US$ but not as low as the Peso. The Lemon-Aid New car book is only published in Canada. So, if you wish to see the authors comments on new vehicles, you must buy the Canadian version and try to ignore the pricing as it too is in Canadian funds.

Mar. 21,2001.

This site has been updated to include recent events and  a new section with resources and books to assist you in making a wise vehicle purchase along with web site building suggestions.

To build your own web site regarding your particular automotive problem, you need some basic tools to get started. There  is a number of free items on the web to help you out.  The first is Front Page Express  (FPE) which is provided as a free download from Microsoft for Win98 users. This is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor. You will also want to download a free program called Arachnophilia which is a more HTML based editor. You will need Arachnophilia to clean up the HTML code produced in FPE for multiple page sites. I also have provided links to HTML books (below) I found helpful in learning HTML (I am still learning.)

If your car repairs haven't been huge and you still have a few coins jingling in your pockets, you can purchase better HTML editors. Some examples you can search out on your own include Microsofts Front Page (big brother to FPE), NetObjects Fusion and Macromedia's Dreamweaver.

All of the above programs have what is called a FTP agent which you need to publish your web site onto the web. You can learn how these work in the help section of whatever program you use as well as in the HTML books.

Now, you can't upload to the web unless you have a place on the web to place your site. Most internet providers give you a little free space with your email accounts. Contact your internet provider for details. You can also get FREE web space from a number of places including xoom.com which is where this site is located.

Also, if you want to know how many visitors you are getting and whether your auto manufacturer has found your site you will want a Free tracker. I think there is two good ones. The first is called Extreme and the other is called Ipstat. I provided an example of Ford's visits below. In the weeks before the recall was announced, Ford was visiting once a day. Now it has dropped off to about once a week.



Thu, 10 Feb


Netscape 4

Windows 95

How long it takes you to build your own site will depend on your current resources and knowledge. There is a definite learning curve, but the rewards are well worth it. After you learn, you can build other sites and post family photo's on a web page to share with friends and relatives around the world with ease. You can also use this knowledge to share you knowledge of your hobbies with others.


As I had mentioned previously, Chapters.ca the book store I have linked these to is Canadian and in Canadian funds. Canadian funds are currently much cheaper than US$ (but not as low as the peso).

This is the book I find most useful for learning HTML code. It has 24 easy lessons to help you get your "feet wet" in web language.

Sams Teach Yourself HTML 4 in 24 Hours


If you should decide you like your Ford and want to keep it I have linked three books relating to Ford vehicle maintenance and repair.

Haynes Automotive Repair Manaul: Ford Taurus & Mercury Sable '96-'98


Haynes Automotive Repair Manual: Ford Taurus & Mercury Sable '86-'95


Haynes Automotive Repair Manual: Ford Windstar Mini-Van '95-'98


If you have not purchased any vehicle yet, you may wish to read through some reference books to help you in making the correct choice of vehicle for your needs.

Lemon-aid: New Cars 2000


Lemon-Aid Used Cars 2001


Lemon-Aid Used 4x4s, Vans And Trucks 2001


Another good book to look at if you are planning to purchase a vehicle is the Consumer Reports Annual Buying Guide. There is lots of valuable information there also.

Consumer reports buyers guide 2000


Chapters.ca Search for your favourite Books!



If you have not purchased a car or van yet, click here.

NBC news item for Mar 7/00 here.     Recent

Detroit News article regarding RWD 3.8L vehicles here (Apr 26/00).  NEW

A very comprehensive 3.8L and Windstar site is here.    Recent This is a MUST SEE site. Read the Guest book and see his Research page on this comprehensive site..

A web base Newsgroup relating to the 3.8L engine is here. (More links too. )   NEW

The Windstar home page is located here.

The home page for Centre of Auto Safety (CAS).

One person's Toyota headgasket experience here.

Click here to go to the Lemon-Aid home page.

A website called the Complaint Station has a separate category for Fords here. NEW (Can you guess what engine is a hot topic???)  Go and see!

If you have a Ford problem and would like to ask a real mechanic a question for free click here to go to Allexperts. (You should see all their other categories. Ford repairs is often in their top ten list!)    :-)

Consumer Affairs has an interesting Ford Link here. (Note their comments)

If your transmission recently failed click here for this MUST SEE LINK.

KRON TV recent news story on the faulty 3.8L engine here.   recent

KRON TV on announcement of recall change. RealPlayer or print.

Visit the Dead Ford Home Page by clicking here.

This unfortunate Windstar owner got to deal with the same regional Ford people I did.

This unfortunate 3.8L Taurus owner had worse luck than me. Click to see their story and their interesting  links.

WDIV TV news stories on the 3.8L engine Nov/99 and Feb/00 and another Feb/00Recent

Blue Oval News has many interesting pages to browse. The Message board has many relevant postings regarding Ford quality problems.

To search the NHTSA database for your car, click here.

L.A. Times article on the 3.8L engine problems here.   Recent

To search Alldata's database for your Ford vehicle, click here. They hae a good definition of recalls and TSB's.

Another site with good information on headgaskets here.

 news:alt.autos.ford should take you to a ford related newsgroup. There is a fair amount of discussion here regarding the 3.8L engine.   Recent 

New ford related links are appreciated. Please forward ones you do not see on this site to me. I will add all relevant issues.        UPDATED REGULARLY!!

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Below, I have listed a few links that do not relate to auto's in any way. These are just a few interesting places on the web I thought I would share.

If you want to buy kids toys on the net, this site is worth a look.

To learn more about contact lenses and eyes in general, click here and visit the links page.

To visit a web site relating to camping and camp gear, click here.

If you would like to learn how many things work, click here.

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