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If you have not yet purchased a vehicle, I  strongly suggest that you  buy two books.  The first is Consumer Reports, which publishes a auto magazine every April about new and used cars.  That information is also repeated in their annual Buying guide.

The second  is Lemon-Aid, a must have book for buying new and used vehicles. This book is published yearly and is a valuable resource that could possibly save you much time getting to know your local service manager.

These books are available for purchase on my Resources and links page.

As you go through the books, I believe you may find a vehicle other than the Ford products discussed here that will meet your needs with better reliability.

If the car you are choosing has a body style & engine that has been around for a while, look especially at the earlier models for a guide line. At the time I purchased my car, the 3.8L had not been around long enough to have problems show up. My suggestion is to see how long each engine has been around. If it's been around for over 7 yrs and is relatively problem free, it could be a good choice.

Also, a good online reference for cars in general is Autopedia.

Good Luck in your search for a vehicle!

Mar. 21,2001.

This site has been updated to include recent events and  a new section with resources and books to assist you in making a wise vehicle purchase along with web site building suggestions.

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