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Build Your Site!

Do you think you want to build your own website? If your auto related problem is big enough and you are finding there are a number of other people out there with a similar experience, it may be a good idea.

I have provided links to some resources for Free things that can get you started. The bare essentials is a program to generate the pages, a FTP agent to transport it from your computer to your website and of course, the location of the actual website. All of these basics can be had for free. To learn the basics of html code I have linked a book that I found particularly helpful. This is linked to a Canadian book store and their prices are Canadian. ($C are significantly cheaper than $US but higher than the peso!)

Most html editors today are What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) so that you don't need to be a computer whiz bang to get a site up and running. You will need to know some code to fix up the little pesky problems that the programs don't do automatically. You can pay for fancier programs that will do it better, assuming  your car repairs haven't sucked all the change out of your pocket!!

A recent issue of PC Magazine reviewed some html editors that you can buy, along with some comparisons of free web site space. You may find reading these articles helpful in whatever you decide to do. Please click the hyperlinks to view their stories.

I think it is important to be relatively objective. Yes, it's OK to vent about your failed vehicle, but do more than that with your site. Provide links to other sites that are relevant. The more relevant links you find the better. As you find sites, contact them to let them know of your site and ask about cross linking. You refer to them, they refer to you. The more relevant links in your *web* the more legit your site becomes, the more likely your manufacturer will take you seriously. Auto manufacturers hate bad publicity and the web is a tool available to unite all the little voices of disgruntled consumers into a louder one that may be heard.

After you have created your site and put it somewhere on the web, you are going to list your site on search engines so people can find you. There are programs you can buy to list you automatically, most of them just list your site and don't do much for helping it get a descent placement. The best way I find is to find the appropriate category on each search engine by trying to find sites like yours. then many of them will have a *add url* somewhere on the page. YAHOO is a good example of this. You will need to go back and visit the search engines regularly as often a computer hiccup will result in your page getting bumped off and you will need to re-list yourself. There is a site call dmoz which you can centrally list for a number of search engines that use the same technology. Yahoo has their own and there is a new technology called Globalbrain being used at snap.  Listing at these three places should result in your site being listed on a number of major search engines. These search engines will list you based on the META words you use in your web site. You will have learned about meta words as you use the HTML book &/or web page program you use to build your site. My personal favorite HTML book is listed on the Resource page.

With a little reading and playing on your computer, you could have your own site up in a relatively short time.  Good Luck!

Mar. 21,2001.

This site has been updated to include recent events and  a new section with resources and books to assist you in making a wise vehicle purchase along with web site building suggestions.

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